Social Media Wizardry with Post Planner

Post Planner

Social Media Wizardry with Post Planner

There are so many social media tools to choose from, and believe me I have tried all of them.  At this point i’m down to just one, Post Planner.  I heard about Post Planner through Social Media Marketing World in 2014, and have been using it ever since.   As an entrepreneur I, like others, need sacred automation, in work, life and play.   Although other scheduling programs are great and have many benefits, I wanted to minimize and create content that was current and trending as well as aligning with my mission and purpose.  With Post Planner I’m able to do it all within one program. And truthfully it’s one of the most inexpensive and efficient marketing and automation tools for social media, a social media wizardry if you will!

So What is Post Planner?

Post Planner makes it easy for people to find and share amazing content consistently – to get predictable, measurable, and remarkable results with their social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

This program was designed to automate your content, publishing, identify trending content, track analytics, publish to multiple platforms at once, support ideas for status updates and social media outreach, publish to personal/business pages and groups at once.  Do the trial version, get familiar and then commit if the program works for you like it does for me. I suggest doing trials first! The membership starts at $7.00, can’t go wrong with that!


Step By Step on How To Use POST PLANNER


This is where you add your social media profiles, and Facebook pages/groups and team. As well as modify your personal settings and membership. I have the ‘LOVE’ membership, which allows ten profiles. For me, that is great! That allows me to post to my business and group pages in Facebook and Twitter. The ‘LOVE’ membership is only $9.00 a month!!

After you connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles, pages and groups, hit REFRESH!

Post Planner Settings page

Scheduling & Automation

Create your own posting schedule, this makes it possible to post/pre-schedule your editorial calendar, as well as optimize and automate your social media strategy. I’m able to save hours a week by posting to Twitter and Facebook at once.

How To Create Your Social Media Schedule

When you select ‘PLAN’ from the side bar on the left, make sure to connect your social media profile pages.  Listed below are the days of the month. You can choose at what time of the day you want to post, and what type of content.  Make sure to choose your time zone when setting up your social media planning schedule.

Post Planner

Post Planner Scheduling

How to Find Trending Content

Viral Photos & Quotes

One of my favorite features of Post Planner are the Viral Photos. See whats trending, watch for the high numbers of likes, and shares. These are the images you should be posting to your social media platforms. The rating of stars shows the trend. 5 stars is high, 1 low.  Its exciting when you see your own images start to trend on Post Planner! So make sure to upload your own designs and content as well.

Trending Photos

Status Ideas

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with status updates, and ideas on your own on a daily basis. Post Planner can do it for you! Make sure to ‘PASTE’ the chosen status ideas into the content bar. Choose which profile you are posting for (Twitter/Facebook), and choose what time and date you wish to post your status idea. Post Planner is also linked with Canva! If you are unaware of Canva, it’s a graphic design and advertising tool. My #1 design tool! Check it out, it’s FREE! LEARN MORE

Status Ideas

How To Create a Post

From time to time I use the ‘Status Ideas’, but mostly I use Post Planner to support my own content, images and promotions. Every now and then I will post quotes, and such that are trending. I love designing my own quotes as well, so its an opportunity to do both. Again, it’s based on how much time you have that day, or week for your social media marketing.

When creating a ‘POST’, make sure to choose ‘POST’ from the left side bar. From the left side, choose the profile/page you want to promote. I have my Twitter and FB pages selected in the example. I always post to both platforms for each of my posts.  When you have selected your profiles, enter the content, images, videos, targeting and hashtags into the content box.  You will notice that if you add to many characters, the Twitter profile with highlight. So you may need to do them separately if you want to write a more lengthy piece for Facebook. If it’s a quick image, quote or post no big deal!

Then click ‘Add To Plan’, this is where you choose your scheduling. Choose what time, date and frequency to post your content. (Share now, Share next, Schedule)

How to post on post planner

 Those are the steps to take when using Post Planner. It’s a easy to use application, and will definitely support your time management needs.  The best thing to do is to try it, see if it works for you and measure the results. For me, it’s the best automation tool for my digital marketing.  Two years later and i’m still using it as my primary social media marketing scheduler.  With that said, good luck, try it out, and have fun!!!


If you have more questions about how to use Post Planner, please post in the comment box below or my FACEBOOK PAGE 


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