Social Media Investments for Non-Profit Foundations

Social Media Investments for Non-Profit Foundations

Does Social Media make sense to you?

It certainly does for the world’s biggest corporations. Perform a search on any Social Media platform for the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Microsoft etc. And you will find them. What then does this say for non-profit organisations? Should they be spending time and money on online marketing? What is the trend in non-profit marketing efforts involving Social media? This article will show you the statistics below.

A recent survey into the Social Media engagement levels of non-profit organizations revealed that 61% are now spending more time on Social Media sites, compared to last year. This shows that Social Media is a growing component of non-profit marketing.

One aspect surveyed was how long it takes the people working in Social Media for non profits to come up with content for their sites. About 90% of the respondents agreed this is what takes up most of their time. Compared to small businesses 96% more state that they are more active on Facebook and over 70% make multiple posts on their Facebook accounts. This is quite encouraging as Social Media is all about interacting with your followers and creating more content relevant to your cause, fundraiser or outreach.

Although it is possible to reach a wider audience organically on Facebook and other Social Media sites, paying for advertising or promoted posts is an option and I encourage it. It is such an attractive proposition that non-profit marketing budgets for about 4% of those surveyed have increased with 37% spending nearly $30 a month on publishing and analytics tools. As this short article shows, non-profit organizations are stepping up to the challenge that is Social Media. Making sure it is a dollar well spent is imperative for these organizations and the figures from the survey are encouraging.

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