T. Raven Meyers, Founder

For the past twenty years I’ve lived as a Digital Nomad, between SE Asia, and North America. Serving my communities as a mindful entrepreneur/mediapreneur, Eastern medicine practitioner & holistic midwife.  Throughout my nomadic travels and studies, I started to see patterns within the cultures, cities and tribes I lived with, patterns of endless compassion in living, sharing and community.  I then decided to be a bridge between the East and the West, showing others what I’ve lived and witnessed. I desired to teach business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship with a mindfulness strategy.  I have served in foundation and relief work for over 20 years, and have been told time and time again to serve others with this giving-consciousness, and mindfulness practice, as an educator, and active member of this global tribe.

This life experience lead me to creating Digital Nomads Edu. & Mindful Business Academy an interactive academic platform for Freestyle Learners offering  a multi-faceted educational system for higher education students, certification trainees, and social entrepreneurs. In 2015 our first video game app was released, the Scrub Ninjas®.

Scrub Ninjas® Medical Video Game App, created for the visual learner. A medical exam review app for the MCAT (pre-med), NCLEX (nursing) and high school AP students (pre-med track). My intentions for designing this game was to bring forward a new way of learning in the modern world, this app allows you to study high yield topics on the go, and awaken the mind in an adventurous way.  A study companion for all the future doctors and nurses in the world! (MCAT/NCLEX/AP EXAMS) 

In the fall of 2015, I will launch the Mindful Business Academy platform for social entrepreneurs and compassionate thought leaders. E-courses I have developed for digital marketing, branding and entrepreneurship, teaching mindful business strategies, and non-violent communication techniques. 

Please know that my journey hasn’t been without struggle,  my journey has been about surrender, and aligning with the divine. My journey has been about living, and teaching with purpose and promise. I continue to witness  abundance in all areas of my life and relationships. This path has become a blueprint that defines me, and guides me. So as a mindful business coach, instructional designer or midwife, I align with a mission of purpose and service in all that I do, sharing my life with my husband and young sons. We as a young family travel the world supporting human rights, animal and environmental welfare together. 

My vision is to share with all of you my life lessons, the medicine, and the path that got me to where I am, and to support you on your journey as a social entrepreneur, mindful and compassion ambassador in your life and community, and to truly find your purpose and promise in serving the world as a successful business owner, digital nomad or everyday philanthropist.  

Live your dream, don’t whisper them! Join me, and learn how to work in a sacred office without borders. And create mindful passive income streams to support your visions and your family. Be of service to yourself, so you can better serve others! When we heal the soul, the mind and body follows….