As a freestyle learner and mindful creative, it is important for me to develop instructional programs, and learning platforms that enhance the soul as well as the mind, through game based strategy and visual learning.  We all learn and integrate things differently. When we align with our purpose, we will rise…. in our personal growth, our entrepreneurial intentions, and our lives.  One of the most valuable things we can achieve in this life, is to make our mark in this world matter! not only to our selves, but to the world as conscious giving individuals.

It is my hopes that my courses, and content as an instructional technologist, and midwife, support you on your journey as future health practitioners, social entrepreneurs and compassionate thought leaders. Being a digital nomad, and entrepreneur has given me the freedom, as well as the satisfaction, to live the life I’ve only dreamed of, as well as the exposure needed to grow. So, make your mark matter!

Exam Review Game MCAT Review NCLEX Review

Scrub Ninjas® was designed to improve a student’s ability to improve retention rates with repetition as a complimentary study companion. This rapid review game was designed to help players study high-yield content through micro- and spaced- learning techniques. A ninja-themed game for the lovers of anime, and visual learning.

Scrub Ninjas® has seven apps for the MCAT (premed), NCLEX-RN (nursing), and High School AP available on iTunes and Google Play

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Teresa, thank you for your endless compassion and service to His Holiness, the Palmo Center and our community. Prayers and blessings to your family.

Ven. Tulku Jigme Rinpoche

You’re magical. Keep gaining, then, because the world needs you.

Chis Brogan, CEO Owners Media Group