Digital Nomad Edu.
was born from the experiences of my husband Matteo and I, with the intention to serve others who search for a more cause related business model, and learning environment.

Our family are true digital nomads, moving from place to place in service to various foundations, clients, and communities mastering the “on-the-road” and “office-without-borders” lifestyle since 2002.

In recent years my entrepreneurial work has moved increasingly towards digital design, and transmedia as an educational technologist. Soon I developed talents in game design & strategy as a companion to my design & technology background.

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Together with my husband Matteo, we began to develop ways to enhance our children’s education through gamification as we traveled the world.

Still at a young age, Soren-Jai & Ayden Skye did not see these new informal methods of study as being anything other than normal. As they began to study lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic through game based models we noticed trends in their developmental progression and level of retention.

The partnership between the real-world applications that came from our nomadic lifestyle, coupled with the infusion of game based models in their study practices, consistently enhanced their abilities to imbibe and recall information. We scored!

After witnessing the massive gaps worldwide in education, and the growing need for new academic tools to support those pursuing opportunities that required advanced learning, we found a way to make a difference. While supporting the academic endeavors of those in first-world nations, our company has a mindful purpose. Together with the growing need for media based education, our family hopes to aid in creating a world in which students from every country, in every discipline, consider themselves part of one digital nomadic community.

We hope to revolutionize the education system and create one in which social good, gamification and hands-on experiences are respected tools for learning. And make our mark matter in the world, as well as our children’s.

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