Indigenous Medicine in Modern World: Documentary & Podcast

“There is so much wealth and healing knowledge in our genetic memories and our elders still practice within this wisdom.” Anita Rojas, CPM/Midwife (My Preceptor)

This educational documentary is inspired by the sacred and wise medicine held by the elders of our world.  These mystic storytellers range from the indigenous and wise healers, midwives, shamans and practitioners of mindful medicine within all communities.  I will bare witness and be the digital bridge between the tribal truths and the modern world. This experience is a living workshop, an opportunity to record, study, experiment and bring forward a holistic, spiritually guided, nature & nurture driven way of primary care to a larger audience of practitioners of natural living and medicine everywhere.

Let us all be witness to this sacred journey, so we can infuse the wise & sacred, with the new.

This digital story-telling will be told by myself, T. Raven Meyers, in the way of digital media, podcast and film. The journey begins in Maasai Land, Kenya. Then to SE Asia and South & North America.


Within the last 20 years I have served in SE Asia and North America working in holistic family medicine, midwifery and crisis related foundation work.  This path also brought a mindfulness within me, that the wisdom, the indigenous wisdom of our elders was about to cease. It was within those moments I decided to educate myself in the world of digital media, web and film. Throughout my nomadic travels and studies, I started to see patterns within the cultures, cities and tribes I lived with. I then decided to be a bridge between the East and the West. I desired to teach business, digital marketing and entrepreneurship with a strategy of mindfulness. I wanted to serve others with a higher level of giving-consciousness and mindfulness as an educator, and active steward within this global tribe.

During this digital awakening, I’ve created a mindful and strategic method to my storytelling and teaching, spending several years watching the digital gurus and divas of the world. Mentoring with business strategists, marketing professionals and the big fish that are building media empires today.

I was learning, observing, and experimenting, and waiting for the moment where these digital methods aligned with my love of mindful and indigenous medicine practices. I was waiting for my promise and purpose to infuse so that my message and mission was clear and transparent to others, as well as myself.

I studied, and continue to study holistic medicine and bare witness to this wealth of deep rooted earth knowledge. As an Eastern Medicine Practitioner, and Holistic Midwife, I spent years working alongside great women, men and shamanic healers.  I did it with humility, and integrity. I always felt that this ancient wisdom needed to be a digital showing to the world, and that somehow I could weave my holistic medical background into a digital educational platform, so that others could learn, and infuse this ancient knowledge with the new way.

My vision is to share this knowledge with holistic communities around the world so that we can become more connected to the ancient wisdom, body-mind-spirit, in our own living, our mindful practices and our community. 

As well as help preserve and protect these indigenous cultures and traditions from modernization. It is my hope that through my eyes and witnessing, I can share with all of you their voice, their magic and wisdom message. 

The long-term goal is to provide a digital outlet for the voice of these spiritual and holistic leaders through audio-video and film. 

It is our responsibility as the human race to not only preserve the eco-systems and our environment, but the cultures, ancient ways and  sacred medicine. 

You are part of this living workshop, and it’s success! 


With your generosity and support I will be able to travel to Kenya to work with, and be of service to the Maasai of Merrueshi. It is within their village that my journey begins.Working with the midwives, indigenous medicine people and the shamanic wisdom within their community.

KENYA: Merrueshi, Maasai Village (T. Raven ONLY)
Your funds will support:
  • Travel Funds
  • Immunizations
  • Production Equipment
  • Pre/Post Production
  • Maternity Equipment for the Maasai Village Clinic (Merrueshi)
While I’m in Kenya I will be volunteering and being of service in these ways:
  • Clinic support
  • Holistic Midwifery Research & Documentation (Assistance when Needed)
  • Indigenous Medicine Research & Documentation
  • Marketing/Outreach/Digital Fundraising & Training
  • Women Entrepreneurial Workshops (GLOBAL BOSS MAMAS PROJECT)
  • Our Promise; Our Purpose Workshops (Cause-Driven Business Leadership)
  • Volunteer Services as Needed
  • Podcasting from Location
  • PSA: (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT) to Foundations I serve with.

THAILAND/INDONESIA/CAMBODIA/LAOS/VIETNAM: Indigenous/Hill Tribe Medicine, Midwifery and Ritual/Shamanic Arts Study. 

FALL 2015

While I’m in SE Asia, MY FAMILY and I will be of service to foundations and communities in each country we visit being of service in these ways: 

  • Holistic Midwifery Research & Documentation (Assistance when Needed)
  • Indigenous Medicine Research & Documentation
  • Marketing/Outreach/Digital Fundraising & Training
  • Education: Teaching English (ESL/TEOFL)
  • Community Development
  • Water Purification Projects
  • Women Entrepreneurial Workshops (GLOBAL BOSS MAMAS PROJECT)
  • Our Promise; Our Purpose Workshops (Cause-Driven Business Leadership)
  • Volunteer Services as Needed
  • Podcasting from Location
  • PSA: (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT) to Foundations I serve with.


(My parents, I’m Thai-American; Me and Matteo my beloved. Our sons’s Soren-Jai and Ayden-Skye; Me and Dr. Porntip/Tsunami Aftermath; Me and Ah-Pee in Doi Tung Village, Chiang Rai; our work with the children in the Akha Hill Tribe Village teaching English & Community Development with our children as well!)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ARTICLE featuring my Volunteerism in Thailand



national geographic


Your Generosity & Impact makes a difference in my life yes, but more importantly it makes you an active steward in this sacred documentation of life and purpose.

Your Generosity & Support allows me to be of services to foundations all over the world as an active member of society education others in digital media, mindful entrepreneurship and family medicine. My husband continues to be of service where ever we live building communities, temples, places of worship and teaching English as a gift to the families and foundations we reside with.

With my film experiences, and background in instructional design and gamification education I can bring this to the digital world at lightening speed.

Together as a TRIBE with a common goal of preserving humanity, our environment, and all living things, we can support one another on this sacred journey of being of service in the highest way.  At no time have my husband and I been compensated for our voluntourism.

Risks & Challenges

There are always risks when you travel to other countries.  But the primary risk is losing this valuable wisdom. A wisdom that I desire to learn and meld into my own midwifery and family practice, as well as the gift of becoming educated about these rich cultures.
This is the first time I have created a fundraiser for myself and family, spending the past 20 years raising 100’s of thousands for foundations locally and globally.  The outcome is for all. This research and documentation will belong to you, like I said, i’m only witness, and the end goal is to produce a beautiful educational documentary and podcast segments to share with all of you.

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that some may not be able to help financially, but there are several ways you can make noise, share the joy, and get excited about preserving indigenous cultures and ancient midwifery practices!

  1. Get SOCIAL! share this link on your social media pages, emails and personal blogs!
  2. Host a get together to raise awareness and funds for the project itself!
  3. Promote this campaign in a press release or other means of media outreach
  4. Talk to your family, loved ones and community!
Most importantly,..if you are aligned with this project, that is a beautiful blessing and I thank you, my family thanks you, and the ones involved with this living workshop thank you.


Raven Meyers