In Loving Memory of a Remarkable Man; Matthew Power

In Loving Memory of a Remarkable Man; Matthew Power

I was blessed to meet Matthew Power during the tsunami aftermath in Khao Lak, Thailand in 2005.  I was working for the Thai Red Cross, a Thai resident at the time and serving in tsunami affected areas of the South.  I was a Wat Yan Yao Temple in Takuapa when Matthew arrived.  He was cleanly dressed, which stood out of course, and was standing with his little note book interviewing the volunteers, adhoc relief workers and doctors.  I stormed right up to him and offered him an opportunity to work vs. interview people about their experiences of Tsunami, in which he could create his own.  (I was exhausted, overwhelmed and we were short-handed with the living). So with desperation in my voice, and his agreement, we started our work together.   I remember when they stripped him of the Tyvek suit, and water from sweat poured out of it, and his eyes were swollen filled with tears as he said, “There are so many children”.  It was then that our friendship grew stronger, and his story A Diary of a Tsunami Volunteer’ was birthed.  He continued the whole day into the night working with us at the temple doing body transferring, collecting DNA and supporting the families coming in to verify their deceased.

A Diary of a Tsunami Volunteer CLICK HERE

It comes with deep sadness to hear of Matthew’s passing.  He passed in Uganda while doing a story on Levison Wood, an explorer walking the Nile. Matthew passed on Monday of an apparent heat stroke, he felt ill, then passed about an hour later.

My husband and family wish his loved ones our deepest condolences.  Since I’ve met Matthew nearly 10 years ago he became married, I as well and with two small sons, and he continued to travel the world, and work with people and communities that made a difference.  He honored me and several of the unsung heroes of the tsunami aftermath, and I wanted to say, we all honor him.  As many do. It is evident that the world shares this sorrow, for he touched the hearts and souls of each person he met, be it a small child in an island village in Southern Thailand, or where ever his boots and humor took him around the world.  Sadly we were all going to meet in Thailand this year for the 10 year anniversary of the Tsunami with fellow volunteers and family in Thailand. Matthew was looking forward to doing a follow-up story on where we are now, and the families and communities of affected by the tsunami aftermath.  He was also looking forward to doing some work with me and the Palmo Center around His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Lady Palmo.  His words are powerful, full of compassion and wisdom. I’m blessed to be witness, if only for a short time, his work and heart is forever etched into my mind.


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