How to Create a Launch Funnel in 7 Steps

Aproduct launch funnel is a way to structure the release of your opt-in pages and videos to promote your sales page and eventually your open cart to sell your product. By releasing your videos with a specific schedule this will increase the excitement and hype surrounding your product and launch day.

Follow these steps below and gain the confidence you need to present your vision, and product in a meaningful way.

For the tutorial and instructions below I use LeadPages, a beautiful drag and drop landing pages program with an array of pre-made templates for all your business needs. 


Create a Sales Page


The Art of Mastering a Sales Funnel & Compelling Landing Page

Each video should have a specific structure and purpose, which explains why your product is useful and should be purchased on launch day. Your videos will create the buzz, and excitement around your product, course or event. 

The pre-launch video content should be as follows:

  • Pre-launch video 1: builds interest in the product
  • Pre-launch video 2: bonds with the audience, creates connection. 
  • Pre-launch video 3: provides proof the product works, provides a need or urgency
  • Pre-launch video 4: sells the product

The videos are the core of this launch funnel because they explain and promote the product that’s being launched as well as why that product is important and should be purchased. Each video will have an opt-in page that corresponds to the video; which creates the product launch funnel. The opt-in pages lead to the video, which promotes the product and informs the potential client of the product. This is the path you need to maximize and optimize. 

The funnel functions as follows:

Opt-in pages -> Video page -> Traffic to sales page: both video and open cart
Opt-in pages -> Video page -> Traffic to closed cart/sold out page

The video launch schedule should start two weeks before launch day, on that Thursday. Videos should be released Thursday, Tuesday, Thursday, cart opens on this Tuesday, and the cart closes the following Tuesday. (Example for launch days)


  1. Create pre-launch pages
  2. Link the pre-launch pages together
  3. Create the video sales page
  4. Create opt-in pages
  5. Link the opt-in pages to the pre-launch pages
  6. Once the cart is open redirect the funnel to the sales page
  7. Once the cart is closed redirect the funnel to the sold out page


In creating the product launch funnel you start in the middle with the videos because you need the video pages established in order to link the opt-in pages to them. Without the video URL you won’t have a funnel or flow from the opt-in page to the sales page. Choose through a variety of layouts and templates within LeadPages

Landing Pages


Create pre-launch pages with the following steps:

  • Click on Launch Pages
    • Click on Launch Funnel Page
    • Customize the page to fit your product (you will make one page per video, resulting in four separate pages)
      • Click on any element to edit (be sure to edit the page to fit your brand)
        • Logo
        • Add information about each video at the top
        • Add a headline
        • Add video 1 with the embed code (this can be from Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)
      • Click on Style Settings to alter the page colors to match your brand
      • Add giveaway content (or hide the feature)
      • Hide the add to cart section
      • Dynamic Controls
        • You have the option for viewers to like your Facebook Fan Page and comments directly from this page
          • This is a good idea because users can engage with the company and others
        • Add intriguing thumbnail
          • This is specific to each video
          • Adds curiosity about the next video
        • Name the page
        • Save the page
        • Publish the page
          • Many server options like LeadPages, WordPress, Facebook, or your own host
        • Copy the URL and paste it into a text file
          • This is so you can access the URL to link pages together
        • Label the page you just created so you can find all pages related to this launch funnel quickly
          • This can be done in LeadPages. Labeling includes adding a color in addition to a common title
          • This is important later when it comes to the sales page and the sold out page


To create a pre-launch page for video 2 you can use the page you just created for video 1. All you have to do is use the duplicate feature and then change the elements on the page to make it specific to video 2.

Change the following elements:

  • Page name/title
  • Headline
  • Video
  • Add the URL to video 1 so it links to video 2
    • This is in the links section
  • Add a blurb in video 2 and 3 to remind users to go back and watch video 1 if they haven’t
    • This allows users to visit all videos from each page
  • Save the page
  • Add video 2 URL to the text file
  • Once video 2 is live, go back to video 1 and add the video 2 URL


This step is completed when each pre-launch video URL is included in every live video page, so that users can access all the live videos from each page. This will allow users to move through your launch funnel and access all the related content from any page they’re viewing.


To create a pre-launch page for video 3 you will follow the same steps as you did for pre-launch video 2. Make the same alterations as you did, with a few extra steps.

Extra changes to the pre-launch video 3 page:

  • Add the URLS to video 1 and video 2 pre-launch pages
  • Save the page
    • This makes all the videos available on video 3’s page
  • Add the video 3 URL to the text file
  • Once video 3 is live, add the URL to video pages 1 and 2 to continue the funnel

Step 3: Create the video sales page


Now it’s time to create a video sales page, which operates as the cart open page. This is also known as pre-launch video 4.

  • Video sales page 3 is a popular layout in LeadPages
  • Add the following to the page:
    • Logo
    • Headline
    • Subheadline
    • Insert the video imbed code
    • Create a magic buy button
      • This will allow users to “buy now” once the button appears during the video
      • The button isn’t visible when users first visit the page
      • Have the button appear once your call to action appears
        • This varies according to your individual video
        • Use the Fade-in Box feature
        • Use the time your call to action appears in your video
      • This keeps users minds open about the product and they don’t feel like you’re selling them something from the beginning
    • Save the page
    • Add video 4 URL to the text file

Leadpage sales page


Create opt-in pages for or each of the pre-launch pages created. These are the pages that come before the video pages and are what sends the users to your video pages and into the launch funnel.

Opt-in page 1

  • A great layout option is the video background page in LeadPages
  • Add the following to the page:
    • Complete the opt-in form integration
      • Select the integration
      • Select the list to add people to
      • Add the URL to video page 1
        • Once users opt-in they’re directed to the video 1 page
      • Change colors to match your brand
    • Edit the video background
      • Dynamic controls option
        • Add your own unique video to each background
          • Get a video file
          • Upload it to a hosting site
          • Get a static video image for browser’s that don’t support video backgrounds
            • This can be a screenshot
          • Create another image to use as a static non-video background for mobile devices
            • The file size must be reduced compared to the other screenshot
          • Host must be on own servers
          • Need a link to an MP4 file
        • Paste URLs into each box accordingly
        • Add a logo
        • Add headline
        • Change all copy to match the video
        • Name the page
        • Save the page
        • Publish the page

Opt-in page 2 and 3

This page can be created from page 1, using the duplicate feature.

Change the following:

  • Video background
  • Image URLs
  • Add the URL to video page 2
  • Headline

This page should then be named, saved, and labeled to match the rest of the launch funnel pages. Once opt-in page 2 is complete the same changes can be done to create opt-in page 3.


This step is completed when the opt-in pages are created. As each opt-in page is created the URL to the corresponding video is included. Adding this URL is what links the opt-in page to the pre-launch page and activates the launch funnel.


Once the cart is open and you mail your list about the video sales page being live, you’ll want all traffic in the launch funnel to be directed to the video sales page, which is the open cart. This should happen only when the cart is live.

To create this:

  • LeadPages
  • Select the funnel pages
    • Use the label created earlier
  • Redirect all traffic going to the videos, to go to the sales page
    • Find each video pages
    • Select the Edit arrow
    • Select LeadPage redirect
    • Turn on the redirect
    • Take the video sales page URL and paste it into the redirect traffic box
    • Redirect mobile traffic as well
  • Save the page

Follow the steps above for video pages 1, 2, and 3. This means that when users go to these pages it will redirect them to the sales page.


leadpage sold out page

When the cart closes you will want a sold out page to indicate that the launch is over.

  • The sold out page in LaunchPages is a good template
    • This template alerts users that the cart is closed
    • It also allows you to build a list of those interested in your product and want to know when it will be available again
  • Make the following change to the sold out page:
    • Add a logo
    • Change the colors to match your brand
    • If you have a cart open date add it here
      • This will activate the countdown feature
      • This can also be hidden if you’d rather not have a countdown
    • Opt-in form integration
      • Select the integration
      • Select the list to add people to
    • Name the page
    • Save the page
    • Publish the page when you’re ready to close the cart
  • Copy the URL and paste into the text file

Once the cart is closed you’ll redirect all traffic to the sold out page, just like you did when the cart was open.

  • LeadPages
  • Sort the pages by the label you gave them earlier
  • Select the Edit arrow
  • Select LeadPage redirect
  • Copy and paste the sold out URL into the URL box
  • Do this for videos 1, 2, 3, and the sales page

So there you go! A step by step of how to create your sales funnel with LeadPages. 


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