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Raven Meyers


On December 25, 2004, a tsunami hit the coast of the Andaman sea which was about 512 miles south from Bangkok where I was living at the time. After receiving this news, I jumped on a plane with a handful of friends and we flew down to Phuket, Thailand where I joined the Thai Red Cross. And my life was forever changed.

These particular life experiences have blessed and shaped my life. Sometimes when I close my eyes I am taken back to that time, and the sounds and smells seem to come alive. However, that experienced strengthened my faith in the human spirit, as well as my own. Amidst all the suffering and death, there was a rebirth, a rebirth and purpose for me as well as for others. The Thais are a resilient people, perhaps its the Buddhist understanding of impermanence, and mindfulness, or the endless support of community. Whatever the case, I witnessed deep compassion and it transformed me.

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Matthew Power National Geographic

A year later, after serving in disaster response, search and rescue and community development, I returned to Seattle, WA. with my husband to be, and returned to school focusing on international business and marketing. We continued to live between Thailand and the Pacific Northwest, and within that time I had two beautiful sons and became a midwife.

In 2007 I formed a non-profit called The Dandelion Project with fellow humanitarians and filmmakers. Our mission was devoted to making documentary films, and public service announcements educating the heart and minds of others, our creative director and filmmaker was Tim Gorski of Rattle the Cage Production.

As years passed I became stronger in non-profit management, capital campaigning and outreach. I was also running my private practice focused in women’s wellness and midwifery.

It’s now 2010, and the itch to move back to Thailand was very real, I missed my father, a Thai native, and my husband and I were ready to make the final move with our boys to Chiang Rai, Thailand. We both worked for several foundations and hill tribes in Northern Thailand, working in education, community development and health care.

Our sons were growing up immersed with culture, diverse languages and exotic foods. A paradise.

Then tragedy struck, my husband nearly died, his heart stopping twice before my children and myself,  with days filled with tormenting seizures. We had to return to America for family support and health care.

The experience of nearly losing my husband, and our boys their father, caused deep pain, and trauma. As a midwife and healer you’d think I could find a remedy, but not when my own heart was breaking and mind blown apart. This little family of four was broken and my spirit as well. During this time, my oldest son stopped speaking, my husband was in recovery, and I had to find a way to support the children and my family in a meaningful way.

Although I had a strong educational background, I was frozen.  All my degrees, and experience had to stand for something, yet I was blind.

I needed to break free, I thought I’d become a NP (Nurse Practitioner), or  get my OMD (doctorate in oriental medicine). I was stuck, frozen and terrified. In 2012, my son was diagnosed with autism, in the midst of it all I had to rise again, like a phoenix, and rise. It was time to break through the fear, the anxiety and the unknown. I needed to find a way to heal my family, my mind and future. Instead of re-inventing the wheel so to say, I took a bet on myself, that I had the skills and talent already within, that amidst the pain and dis-ease, I too had greatness.


In 2012 I launch Social Cause Marketing, a business focused on cause-related business, branding and creative marketing. I worked as a consultant & strategist, as well as launched my first online business. This allowed me to be home with my sons, and husband while he gained strength.

In 2013, I start volunteering with Eugene Sakya Center, and the Palmo Center for Peace and Education, affiliate foundations of the Office of Tibet, under direct supervision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I lead my first large media and marketing event as we host His Holiness in Oregon State. Raising hundreds and thousands of dollars, and building strong digital marketing campaigns. During this time, my husband Matteo and our family were receiving direct teachings from His Eminence Ngaglo Rinpoche, Venerable Janchup Naljorma Palmo (AMALA) and Venerable Tulku Jigme Rinpoche. My husband builds temples, sacred objects and spaces for the local dharma foundations, and we are back to being of service and in alignment with our cause.

During this same time, our oldest son opened up to his father, about his fears around the thought of losing him. Our son starts to talk again, his reading and academics start to soar. He freed his heart and mind and continues to be a little hero to all who know him. Breakthrough.


I was the poster child for Tony Gaskins Jr.’s infamous quote, “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Somehow I found myself fortunate enough to have a client that not only hired me to help build their dreams, but invested in me building my own. So began the chain of events that lead to the Digital Nomads Edu. (DNE)

I have the fortunate opportunity to bring something to both the academic and gaming worlds that has not yet been seen before. DNE strives to create tools that serve a style of learner that every person can relate to on some level, but often forget to include in the standard information-learning paradigm.

Students pursuing higher education degrees or industry certifications will find themselves able to take all their materials to study for their exams by simply slipping their cell phone in their pocket. Busy professionals preparing for certification testing can begin tutoring themselves during their lunch breaks by merely taking the time to play a few games on their iPad or Kindle. Entrepreneurs with great ideas and no idea how to establish their voice in the online marketplace can sit anywhere and participate in e-courses and peruse e-books that provide step-by-step guidance in marketing, creative advertising and mindful business development.

Now it’s 2016, and I have seven digital products available in iTunes! My brand Scrub Ninjas® an exam review video game app for pre-med, nursing and high school students is now live. I have generated my first mindful passive income flow, and now devote my life to working and teaching through online platforms, gamification and eLearning. I’ve mentored with Marie Forleo, David Siteman Garland, Ian Cleary , Kim Garst and Chris Brogan to name a few, and started building my digital empire moment by moment.

So that’s a bit about me, my journey and my breakthrough. I’m a bit of a multi-talented entrepreneur, and do my best to support other social entrepreneurs, students and creatives on a path of wellness, and success.

When we align with our purpose, we can truly shine, and make our mark in this world matter. Not only to ourselves, but to the world.

So tell your story, and shine brightly! Today, our little family of four is stronger than we’ve ever been, and have learned a valuable lesson, that love is the best medicine. So I offer myself to you as a branding and marketing strategist, designer and wellness practitioner. Let’s make our mark!

With Respects and deep gratitude,
T. Raven Meyers (Sewalelot)