A Father’s Love for Humanity, And His Son

A Father’s Love for Humanity, And His Son

Written By: Daniel Yam & Foo Xiuqi

This short film made my soul shake. Although I didn’t share the disappointment in my father as the Singaporean director, I understand the journey my father made as an immigrant from Thailand, how he rose to the top from a man working on fishing boats to a Corporate Executive Chef. My love of cooking and teaching is because of him! I watched him as a child inspire, and educate the ones around him in the culinary world, I often teasingly say he is the Thai chef Gordon Ramsey. A loud boisterous man, with a big heart.

My father is, and continues to be my inspiration in all things. He is my number one fan, no matter how many times I fail. I continue to rise because he sees my wings, he is the one to gently push me off that mountain top to take chances on myself. There isn’t a day that goes by when I walk the streets with my father in Bangkok or surrounding areas, that he doesn’t give. Perhaps to the monks in the morning, as it is ritual, or in ways of food and money to locals as he passes by. He is always giving for the sake of giving. A lesson I learned very young. 

This film resonated with me on so many levels and also reminds me that I can too be an every day philanthropist, even if all I can give is my service and heart. I don’t have the millions or even hundreds to give, but my husband and I build temples, volunteer globally and give of our physical bodies and spirit. There are so many ways to support your local community and humanity. Just find something that aligns with your greatness and give it freely!

May this short film remind you of what makes us all great…


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