Celebrating the breakthrough

From Frozen to Free: Celebrating the breakthrough

Breakthrough, you are at that point, the melting point, from frozen to free. And within that sacred moment, the breakthrough, you feel completely aligned.  Perhaps this melting point is a letting go, and a kind celebration for self in which your tears fall freely.   Or maybe this is a luxurious reckoning with self, spirit and the muse within.

Whatever the breakthrough, or awakening, be it sobriety, confronting a demon, a deeper spiritual practice, or visualizing your mindful business plan, there needs to be a ritual, or honoring. It is essential that you take the steps needed to honor the courage it has taken to become realized, as well as the steps needed to secure this massive momentum towards your promise, and purpose, in life and your relationships.


Steps in honoring yourself:

  1. Keep it sacred: There is a gentle magic in discernment, in the stillness of your awakening, in your breakthroughs. It’s within this silence, and the connection to self, which spirit grows. This is a time to keep your wow moment to yourself, a time to journal, self-reflect, and go within. So be gentle and loving to your self during this discernment time, honor you! And all that is flowing within you.
  2. Honor your practice: We align with the divine in so many ways. Now is the time to go deeper into your daily practice of becoming one with the source, with god, with spirit and yourself. However you define your practice, do it with integrity. If you meditate go into that mindful space of no-thingness, if nature is your source, dig your feet deep into the earth and truly connect. Honor your practice, and the elements in which you align, keep the momentum of your breakthroughs moving along in your life, and your future.
  3. Honor your story: As your story unfolds and becomes anew, take this rejuvenating time to tell your story through art, poetry, and writing. Perhaps this breakthrough is the beginning of a new story, and a time where your old story no longer defines you.  When we honor our story, it becomes a spiritual blueprint for our souls, and future. We honor the good, the bad and the ugly, and most importantly the transformative breakthroughs. So in this gentle discerning time, find a quite nook, a spot where you can claim your precious moments, and really connect to this moment of honoring, and celebration of self.

Now that you have applied the steps you need to honor yourself, the next steps are to make sure you solidify a lasting plan. You need to keep up the momentum in this epic journey. This may be your first breakthrough, or one of many. We need to keep that flame within alive, if we don’t create a mindful and strategic plan for success in our lives, relationships, and business, we will slowly burn out, get distracted or fade. Here are some mindful tips to keep that momentum going!


Steps in keeping up the momentum:

  1. Commitment & Devotion: We need to commit to the vision, story, and discovery that has shown itself to us, and allow this awareness to expand. The soul, our core consciousness, has a way of honoring us when we become completely aligned. Although the divine is always near with a gentle and subtle push, we need to commit and devote ourselves to what has been revealed. For example: If your breakthrough was the vision of your business as a life coach or entrepreneur, take the steps needed to make it visualized.  Commit to the vision, commit with 100% devotion to what was revealed through dream, in your guided meditation or as you were driving to get your kids from school. Commit and devote to this gift, and move forward with confidence knowing you are manifesting exactly in the right order for your path in this moment.
  2. Allowing the Change: Open up to the possibility of change in every aspect of your life. The transformation is grand, your insight got you to this sacred space. So allow change to empower and support you as you move freely towards the path and life you so desire.
  3. Letting Go: Let go of the fear, of the blocks you put into place when your feet once again touch the ground. Learn to say YES to it all, and open up the chest and heart center to receive what was truly meant for you. Let go of all the negative self-talk, and blueprints that were etched upon your mind. The time is now, to move through your life with purpose and integrity from your sweet spot, the soul.

I honor you, and celebrate you! I myself have made several breakthroughs in my life, as well as stumbled through life in and out of the darkness.  But one thing I know for sure, is that when I celebrate and honor even the smallest victories, my heart and soul shines.  I know that when my heart and soul shines with purpose I’m a stronger mother, wife and teacher.

In mindfulness and gratitude,

Raven Meyers


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