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14 Non-tech Digital Nomad Professions

Digital Nomadism 101: Non-Tech Jobs Abroad Digital nomadism is on the rise, and a trending lifestyle choice for families and hipsters alike. But many of us started out as bohemian nomads, fulfilling the wanderlust within.  My journey started in disaster relief and moved into non-profit and volunteerism.  So don't fret! You don't need to have

How to Create a Launch Funnel in 7 Steps

Aproduct launch funnel is a way to structure the release of your opt-in pages and videos to promote your sales page and eventually your open cart to sell your product. By releasing your videos with a specific schedule this will increase the excitement and hype surrounding your product and launch day. Follow these steps below and gain the confidence

Free 12-Part Digital Marketing Course for Automation

Save time, increase the predictability of your results, and leverage what's working in your marketing. The Strategies and Tactics You Can Use Now to Benefit from Marketing Automation Leadpages has grown its customer base from 0 to over 40,000 in less than 4 years using the marketing automation strategies taught in this course. Whether you're a relatively new

Top Tech Products for Selfies & Video Capture For Periscope & You Tube

Top Tech Products for Selfies & Video Capture For Periscope & You Tube Get Nerdy & Techy With Me The time has come where even our toddlers are taking selfies, and learning how to capture videos. For many parents, their tweens have a better idea of how to shoot epic You Tube videos than they do. I know it can

A Father’s Love for Humanity, And His Son

A Father's Love for Humanity, And His Son GIFT Written By: Daniel Yam & Foo Xiuqi This short film made my soul shake. Although I didn't share the disappointment in my father as the Singaporean director, I understand the journey my father made as an immigrant from Thailand, how he rose to